• April 15, 2024

Bishop Jackson Tells Rev. Sharpton: ‘March Right Back to N.Y. & MSNBC’

Bishop E.W. Jackson had a message today for Rev. Al Sharpton, who wants to plan a two-day march from Baltimore to Washington, D.C.

“He needs to march right back to New York and go back to MSNBC, whatever place he chooses to espouse his demagoguery,” Jackson said on “Fox and Friends.”

Jackson said that it’s ironic that the protests in Baltimore are happening in a city with a black mayor while we have a black president and a black U.S. attorney general. He noted that President Barack Obama reportedly told the governor of Maryland to exercise restraint in dealing with the protests.

“What about restraint against these thugs?” Jackson asked. “What about restraint against attacking police officers?”





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