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Black Leaders Break Ranks & Tell Truth About Vaccines— Depopulation GENOCIDE

It is interesting to me how many people are willing to receive a vaccine that has not been tested by any stretch of the imagination beforehand. In fact, what many people are failing to realize is that those receiving these so-called “lifesaving” vaccinations are the test subjects.

Anyone who receives these inoculations is the STUDY.

Second, many people are finding out now, that of a loved one dies from the vaccine that most insurance companies aren’t paying out. Do you know why?

Well, dear friends, since you voluntarily take a vaccine in a study you assumed the risk, and insurance isn’t obligated to pay out for that.

That right there is a perfect recipe for the depopulation of the world.

Now there are several black leaders sounding the alarm about these dangerous vaccines and how the government is actually targeting the black community with them.

Just take a moment and ponder this for a moment; white Christian leaders are telling their congregations to run out and get their vaccines, claiming that overwriting your RNA synthesis is somehow godly… while many Black religious leaders are warning their members to steer clear of the vaccine genocide agenda that’s specifically prioritizing Blacks for mass extermination.

Why is it that the black community is sounding the alarm of this nepharious vaccine while the white community is clamoring to receive it?

My thoughts are that the black community is well aware of the war on their community. Between the abortion centers strategically placed in their communities to the vaccines spiked with infertility chemicals and even municipal water systems that are engineered by the government to deliver high levels of lead poisoning to Black communities such as in  Detroit.

So, when black leaders are saying that this vaccine is being deployed to depopulate the masses maybe we should all sit up and take a listen, right?

To steal the line from the left in this entire “plandemic”, we are all in this together.

The elite wants to exterminate us.

These evil globalists desire to keep us fighting against each other instead of turning our attention to the true puppet masters who are controlling our planet. Think about it for just a moment, if we all were to band together and stop letting the government divide us based on race, sexuality, religion, and so forth, we could topple the globalists easily.

So dear friends, it is time to take off the blinders and listen to the truth in this shocking, jaw-dropping podcast that dares to discuss the whites, blacks, the future of the human race, and why none of us are safe when crazed White globalists like Bill Gates have the power to alter the atmosphere and engineer a global famine by blocking the sun.


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