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Steve Bannon Sounds The Alarm: Time To Prepare for a Transition to Kamala Harris

When Joe Biden won the democratic presidential nomination, many people scoffed at the thought of him being the front runner for the party.

However, it isn’t like the Democrats had much to work with so it did make sense that they would prop up the feeble old man and push Biden over the finish line.

The deep state knew they needed to win so they employed every dirty trick they could from ballot stuffing to slandering then-President Trump every which way they could. Though the end game wasn’t Biden being in the White House, in all reality, it was just a stepping stone to install the radical leftist Kamala Harris in his place.

Harris is just the person they need to call the shots and to issue the final death blow to the United States. You see, when Nancy Pelosi was pushing for the 25th Amendment to be invoked it was just in my opinion, a trial run for the real person they would be using it on.

Biden is anyone can see bumbling around on national television showing the world that is inept to be in a position of authority. Not only is Biden floundering, but he is NOT a flaming socialist as his vice president is, and that is what they need to finish the destruction of our once-great nation.

The policies that Harris approves of paints every old school Democrat in an office at this moment to appear to be a good ole’ Republican.

And, with Biden’s health deteriorating right in front of our very eyes people are beginning to wonder if the switch in power will happen sooner than later.

While speaking with author Mike McCormick, and National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam on The War Room, host of the show Steve Bannon said it is time to get ready for the transition from President Joe Biden to Kamala Harris.

Bannon pointed to Biden’s current well-being, saying that his “eyes are now dead,” also noting that Harris has had a relatively large role compared to previous vice presidents.

“Kamala Harris is printed up in playbooks, always there for these meetings,” Bannon said as he explained how Harris is involved with a large amount of meetings. “Pence was never that. That’s not the role of the vice president.”

WATCH the interview below:

In fact, Steve Bannon isn’t the only one who has noticed the perilous situation we are about to find ourselves in.

During a recent interview with Fox News host, Sean Hannity conservative podcast host and former Secret Service member Dan Bongino discussed conversations he has had with Secret Service members working closely with President Joe Biden.

Bongino explained that Biden’s health is worse than we thought as he “is in real significant trouble.”

“It was something I was getting from my sources,” Bongino said. “Sean, it gives me absolutely no joy in saying this. And I mean that. He is in real significant trouble, Joe Biden. And listen to me. everyone around him. Everyone knows it. Everyone knows it. This is the scandal that they’re not telling you – how bad his condition really is… I’m telling you from what I’m hearing from people in my network, everyone knows how bad it is. Everyone. It’s not a mystery, it is the worst kept secret in the White House.”

That would be a cover-up,” Hannity said.


The comments from Bongino come after House Democrats are requesting to limit Biden’s sole access to the nuclear codes.
In a recent letter, Democratic California Rep. Jimmy Panetta requested that the nuclear codes be shared with members of Biden’s administration.“Vesting one person with this authority entails real risks,” the letter said. “Past presidents have threatened to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or exhibited behavior that caused other officials to express concern about the president’s judgment.”

“While any president would presumably consult with advisors before ordering a nuclear attack, there is no requirement to do so,” the letter continued. “The military is obligated to carry out the order if they assess it is legal under the laws of war. Under the current posture of U.S. nuclear forces, that attack would happen in minutes.”

The Daily Caller reported:

The letter suggests alternative plans, such as requiring the president to get approval for a launch order from other officials in the line of succession. This includes the vice president and the Speaker of the House, “neither of whom can be removed by the president if they disagree.”

Some officials pushed for former President Donald Trump’s nuclear launch code access to be revoked following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi considered asking the military to prevent Trump from accessing the nuclear codes in order to prevent “an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike,” a statement sent from Pelosi to House Democrats said.

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