• July 24, 2024

Black Lives Matter Block Airports and Roadways in UK


Black Lives Matter has exported their particular brand of racism to the UK, where tepid responses by law enforcement all but guaranty that the British public will suffer in trying to get to work by people who have no jobs and have plenty of time on their hands.  It seems they are protesting the death of a black man who was killed by police………….5 years ago!!!  They effectively blocked Heathrow Airport, Birmingham Airport and the Nottingham tram system.  All told police arrested only 19 protesters.

This was the scene this morning as protesters from the Black Lives Matter group blocked the road to Heathrow Airport

Demonstrators were pictured laying across the usually busy road from the M4 beneath a banner reading: 'This is a crisis'

In Nottingham, demonstrators lay down on tram tracks outside the Theatre Royal to bring the city to a standstill


Heathrow Airport


From The Mail Online:

The demonstrations received an unsympathetic response from Twitter users, who said they were disrupting family holidays and people trying to work. 

George Howe, wrote: ‘All the families on their way to Heathrow that have worked hard all year round to have a holiday and you get a load berks with a banner.’

David Malley added: ‘I’m all for equality but how does stopping hard working people from going on holiday at Heathrow help? #BlackLivesMatter’  

Becca Anastasia tweeted: ‘#blacklivesmatter blocking Heathrow is pathetic, people work hard all year round to go on holiday..why aren’t these people at work?’

And Lady Durrant wrote: ‘How utterly selfish! Why ruin innocent people’s holiday or work? Every life matters, not just #BlackLivesMatter’ 

A Heathrow Airport spokesman said: ‘Protest activity is causing delays. We apologise for the inconvenience. The police is on sight and one of the four lanes is open.’ 

A Highways England spokesman tweeted: ‘Spur road between M4 J4 and J4a (Heathrow Airport). Traffic released by Metropolitan Police. However two lanes of three remain closed with long delays.’

The protests will continue to rage on until police and judges work together to drive home the message that protests are democratic but breaking the law has consequences.


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