• May 27, 2024

Blue Star Mom Attacks Khan And Holds No Punches

Poor Mr. Khan, he was played like a Stradivarius by the democratic national committee; but they don’t care because they achieved their goal, which is to stir the emotions of their base at that instance. People flocked to condemn Mr. Trump for calling it what it was. As most educated people know, they need to wait a day or two until all the story lines are exposed, especially in politics.  For most, the span is only the next hour, but the memory lingers in their simple minds on what was told. But enough from me, read the words of this proud American mother, these comments have gone viral on Facebook.

According to Drennismichaellynch:

Unlike you, I could NEVER use my son’s death as a pawn piece in support of a woman that left “America’s treasure” (Hillary’s words) to die unaided in Benghazi. The same woman that says vile things to her military details there to protect her. You, Sir, are supposed to be a witness to your son’s bravery and sacrifice. Instead you stood on a stage and promoted the woman that upholds the very people that killed your son. You became a political PAWN that promotes pandering to our enemy.


I would like for all those who jumped to condemn Mr. Trump and praised Mr. Khan, to take the time to read this letter. It would help, but I think for the most part the majority of voters have their minds made up, and that’s what saddens me. People are voting for their own party wants, and not what’s best for all Americans. What do you think ?


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