• May 24, 2024

Democrat Congresswoman Gets Evicted For Not Paying Rent In D.C.

The audacity that some elected officials have for the american people is something to marvel at. Brenda Lawrence, Democrat 14th District Michigan, probably needs a pay raise. It must be pretty tough making ends meet on a Congressional  pay  in Washington D.C..  She has been summoned to court because one of the leaders of the free world cannot pay her rent. I’m sure it is just an over sight, for she is so busy on a daily basis working to make her little slice of heaven in Michigan livable for her constituents . I am sure they are reaping the rewards of her efforts.


According to Politistic:


 Daily Caller News Foundation was tipped off by a neighbor, who noticed the court summons posted to Lawrence’s door Aug. 2. The summons requests her appeaTherance in D.C. Superior Court Aug. 8 for a hearing.

What a “Legislator”. No wonder the area she is from is what it is; not to mention a young person of her race can look up to and say: we can do it the right way, just like anyone else.  At one time, it was an honor to just  serve your country, and then go home to private life and back to a job you once had before. Now; well it is a career goal where if you play the game right a person can sit in a nice leather seat for years, and collect all the perks and have a nice pension to boot! You won’t have to  accomplish anything, (right Hillary)? Such contempt such corruption; chances are the Congress Woman will use her position to get the egg off her face. What do you think about the congresswoman?

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