• May 24, 2024

BREAKING Pipe Bomb Goes Off at Marine Charity Race in New Jersey



UPDATE: Several additional devices were connected to the pipe bomb that went off, but they didn’t detonate. Police are keeping Seaside Heights closed and advise people to stay away.

A pipe bomb wet off early on Saturday in  Seaside Park, New Jersey, just before thousands were due to begin a Marine Charity Race, The Semper 5.  The bomb had been placed in a dumpster but it went off at 9″30 AM EST.  There would have been thousands of people there before the race started.

Police immediately cleared the race area and the Boardwalk and officials cancelled the race.

The bomb was timed to go off at the time the runners would have been running past it, but the start of the race had been delayed when a suspicious package was found.

Seaside Heights is a major beach along the Jersey Shore, where I spent almost every weekend for 5 or 6 years.

No other information is available as of this time.

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