• August 11, 2022

BREAKING: Texas Voters Reporting Votes For Trump Switching To…

You just knew it was gonna happen. And let this be a lesson to you. All elections should be done by paper ballot. You simply cannot alleviate voter fraud with electronic voting machines. They’re learning that today, in Texas, the hard way.

And while Ted Cruz’s campaign was fraught with accusations of dirty tricks, this time it looks like the establishment republicans are pulling strings. If votes are gonna switch from Trump, is it just a coincidence that they are falling for Rubio, and not Cruz?

Voters from across the Lone Star State are calling into radio shows today – Super Tuesday – to complain about mistakes on computerized voting machines after they tried to vote for conservative businessman Donald J. Trump.

For example, in Austin, KLBJ has spent the whole morning taking calls from voters who claim their votes were switched to Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Countless computer “glitches” and “freeze-ups” are also being reported. This is horrible news!

On this Super Tuesday, voters all around Travis County are getting long lines and glitches to boot.

The Travis County clerk’s office is warning voters via Twitter that the votetravis dot com website is loading slowly due to high traffic, but some report the site does not load at all. One polling place in far South Austin reported computer freezeups which delayed voting. Reports say other polling places in South Austin and Lakeway experience computer delays. Polls are open until 7PM.

Here is audio from callers complaining about the Trump-to-Rubio vote switching. This must be stopped immediately, before it’s too late!

As was reported on Twitter:

texas ballots switching to rubio from electronic voting machines
Texas ballots switching to Rubio from electronic voting machines

Rubio’s supporters have spent almost $2 million on political advertisements in Texas alone, and Cruz may not have a strong showing in his home state if these voting irregularities continue.

Could the political establishment be trying to steal the election from Donald Trump? Please share this on Facebook and Twitter… While the polls are open, we must get the word out!

Read more at The Political Insider.

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