• December 11, 2023

[CONTRAST] Donald Trump Visits Baton Rouge, While Obama Improves His Handicap

I am not one for a brutal bashing of politicians. I don’t agree with a lot of things they do, and when it regards Obama, I really do not agree with most, if not all he does, but this week has burned me up!

Obama has been criticized for all his vacations, and golf outings, he has put these trips on the tax payers dime more than standard. This week Baton Rouge has experienced the worst natural disaster since Super Storm Sandy. As President you would think he would be on Air Force One surveying the damage, but he is not. There is however one person who is, and that is Trump and his running mate Pence…


And here is our fearless leader….At least his handicap will keep improving, even if his approval rating doesn’t.



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