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Couple Adopt three from Dying Mom…Reaps early Reward Here on Earth [VIDEO]

As a family of 7, Tisha Beauchmin, a Las Vegas bingo cashier and her husband Kevin, also a casino worker, were struggling to make ends meet. This didn’t stop them from opening their home to a desperate mother of 3.


Sometimes, good things happen to good people.

One day her neighbor, Audrey, came to her asking if she could watch all 3 of her kids while she went to the hospital for testing. They didn’t know each other very well, but briefly associated because their daughters were friends.

She went into the hospital that Tuesday and was expected to be released Friday. That visit ended up lasted 32 days. Things were hectic at the time for the family, between work, school and counselling sessions for the kids, but the Beauchmins made it work.

“I was working 40+ hours, had 5 kids and now 3 more, took my son to work a 90 minutes round trip. My husband was working at the time for UBER. It was rough. ” Tisha posted in her GoFundMe Campaign.


Once Audrey was released from hospital she shared her grave prognosis with Tisha. Her stage 2 stomach cancer had turned into stage 4 and had spread to the esophagus, liver and kidneys. The doctor had given her 1-5 years to live.

Audrey was home exactly 2 weeks when she was then admitted back to hospital. This was when she asked Tisha to take her kids after she passed.  It had to be very hard to ask, but what else was she to do?

“I didn’t think about it, I just cried… I didn’t call my husband and ask him.. I just cried and said YES!” Tisha wrote.

After Audrey passed, a few people secretly asked the FOX 5 Surprise Squad to give them the help they needed to make their family 10 more comfortable in their Las Vegas home.

They gave a new room to the boys, Kayden and Kendall:

A new room for the girls, Destiny and Miranda:

A new room for the older girls, Alycia and Morgan:

A new room for 17 year old, Holly:

$1500 to put towards rent for the 18 year old Chad, who used to sleep on the reclining sofa:

A year of groceries:

And the big reveal! A new car that can fit up to 12 people:

This story really shows that it does take a village to raise children.


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