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5 Celebrities, a mobster and one race baiter you didn’t know were spies [video]



America has always had a special fascination for celebrities but you may not have known that some of them were doing something deep undercover for America on the side.  According to Readers Digest these spies were something special. Also, watch the video reveal the identities of these former spies and what they did to keep America safe.

Here is a list of a few of them and see if you can guess what they did:

  • ‘Old Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra

  • America’s most famous celebrity cook Julia Child

  • International escape artist Harry Houdini

  • Charles “Lucky” Luciano the mobster who was the head of the Genovese crime family

  • Ian Fleming

  • Al Sharpton race baiter, civil rights con man

For a few of the celebs who practiced their spy craft on the side, to say that they led fascinating lives would be an understatement.  Take mob boss “Lucky” Luciano who created the modern-day Mafia.  Luciano who was doing a 30 – 50-year prison stretch came to the aid of America in 1942 when the nation needed help

“A French ocean liner, the Normandie, was being converted into a troop ship when it suddenly caught fire and sank. Officials suspected sabotage, since many of the dockworkers were under the Mafia’s thumb, but they needed an in, and Luciano was the key. So, he agreed to work for U.S. intelligence.

Soon any supposed sabotage on the docks ended. In exchange, Luciano enjoyed preferential treatment for the rest of his time in prison.

Luciano continued to help American forces for the remainder of World War II, using his Mafia contacts in Sicily to expose Nazi battle plans. After he served only ten years in prison, his sentence was commuted, and he was deported to his birthplace of Italy. Before he died there in 1962,” according to the Readers Digest.

For the rest of the celebs who had a craving for patriotic service spying check out the video

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