DC Correction officers union leader steals $180K from members dues



Stealing is especially repugnant when it is done by a police official who embezzles funds from fellow members of the law enforcement family. The FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice appear to agree with that assessment. Takisha Brown Dorsey former union official representing corrections officers in the D.C. Department of Rehabilitation Service will do solid prison time for embezzling over $180,000 from fellow officers, reported the Washington Post.

Dorsey began her money grab soon after taking office in January 2012.  Her office gave her total access and authorization to spend the union’s money.  Apparently, the union head like many other union officials across the nation who have been caught pilfering funds, decided she had a more nefarious use for the money.

After several years in the office the members as well as other officials with the Fraternal Order of Police-DYRS decided to rein her in and scheduled a vote of no-confidence in November 2015.  After her resignation, a union investigation revealed that there was not a single cent remaining in the union’s bank account.  This was suspicious since according to the Daily Caller, over $100,000 in union dues had been collected and deposited over that fiscal year.

Once the investigation was completed the union had to face the grim reality that not only was the $100,000 gone but an additional $83,590 had also been cleaned out of the union account by Dorsey which was used for her own personal expenditures.

Typically, in matters involving organizational funds, the normal accounting procedure is to require two signatures for any substantive monetary withdrawals.  It appears that the union chief was one step ahead of the officers and somehow eliminated the policy which required a second union official to sign off on financial transactions according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Kendra D. Briggs, reported the Daily Caller.

Dorsey admitted in the court hearing that she could have stopped but did not do it.  Now she has to pay the price and prosecutors have worked out a deal that would call for a 15-21-month prison term.  Before Dorsey left the courtroom, U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton stated, “Someone devious enough to steal from their own union is not trustworthy.” She warned, “I don’t know what I’ll do,” but said prison was a possibility: “Prepare yourself for that reality,” reported The Washington Post.

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