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Craigslist Ad: Get Paid $15 an Hour to Protest at a Trump Rally

Does anybody really believe these protests are legit, anymore? And when you’re not trying to hide it, by posting an ad in craigslist, I mean really! What’s the point. And at $15 an hour, who’s footing the bill?


A Craigslist ad allegedly posted by Bernie Sanders supporters offered people $15 an hour to protest at Donald Trump’s rally in Janesville, Wisconsin, on Tuesday.


The ad, which was removed from the site, said it would provide shuttle buses, parking and signs to protesters who attended the Republican presidential front-runner’s event, in addition to $15 an hour for up to four hours.

“We are offering this amount because of the current income inequality that we are fighting in America today!” the ad read.

Whether it was legitimate or not, the ad was deleted after it began to receive attention on pro-Trump forums.

The Daily Caller previously reported that several protesters at an anti-Trump demonstration at Trump Tower in New York City “admitted answering a Craigslist ad paying $16.00 an hour for protesters.”


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