• July 3, 2022

Democrats Not Happy – Pennsylvania Recount NOT On Agenda

Per Pennsylvania regulations,  there is not much hope remaining for Jill Stein and her new associate,  Hillary Clinton,  there is not any real hope to be able to get a recount in that state and it is a complicated process.

Besides the fact that there are no paper records in more than 80% in the state of Pennsylvania,  people cast their votes on outdated machines that were not connected to the Internet.  There is no way that any type of cyber attack could have affected Pennsylvania.

recount-0BillyPenn Reports:

The most common way to get a vote recount in Pennsylvania is through an order by the Secretary of State,  which is mandatory by law in statewide races decided by less than half a percentage point.  That can’t happen in this case.


A candidate can’t actually file for a vote recount under Pennsylvania law.  Instead, they would have to challenge a county board regarding its vote computations,  and a state appeals judge would have to rule that a statewide recount is necessary.  That means the Clinton campaign would either have to request a recount by petition in every voting district or present a prima facie case showing voter fraud.  (Prima facie is a lower threshold than beyond a reasonable doubt. A judge would just have to rule that fraud probably occurred in order to call for a recount.)

In the past,  recounts have revealed a shift of a couple of hundred votes which is not enough to turn the state.

This looks like a losing battle that is costing a lot of money.  Well, the Democrats are known for spending and wasting a lot of money.  I guess this is par for the course.

Is it so complicated to admit defeat and let matters move forward?  I guess for Democrats,  that is difficult to do.



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