• August 12, 2022

Wisconsin Election Commission Refuses Hand Recount



Jill Stein was refused a hand recount by the Wisconsin Election Board.  The election board which is made up of six members, 3 democrats and three democrats voted unanimously against Stein’s request.  The recount will begin on Thursday, but only if Stein deposits one million dollars by Tuesday.  Stein has threatened to sue for a hand recount but she will have to provide proof one is necesaary.  many precincts, the smaller ones anyway, will do a manual recount because it was quicker.  The time it takes to program the voting machines to count the votes would take them longer than a hand count.

Of course, the reason Stein wants a hand count is in hopes of delaying it long enough that their electoral votes cannot be added to the electoral college.  Unless she can force a hand count, that plan goes out the window.

From The Journal Sentinel:

Citing the results of a 2011 statewide recount that changed only 300 votes, commission chairman Mark Thomsen, a Democrat, said this presidential recount is very unlikely to change Republican Donald Trump’s win in the state.

“It may not be 22,177,” said Thomsen, referring to Trump’s win over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the vote count. “But I don’t doubt that the president-elect is going to win that.”

Thomsen dismissed Stein’s claims of problems with the vote as unfounded and misleading. But he directed his toughest criticism to President-elect Trump’s unsupported allegations that millions of people voted illegally nationwide, calling them “an insult to the people that run our elections.”

The commission is made up of three Democrats and three Republicans. It adopted the recount plans unanimously.

Here is the timeline laid out for the Wisconsin recount:

  • Monday, cost estimates and vote tabulation method will be provided by county clerks to the commission by noon. Commission officials will provide estimated statewide costs to the campaigns of both Stein and De La Fuente by the end of the day.
  • Tuesday, the Stein and De La Fuente campaigns must pay for the recount. Once full payment is received by either campaign, the commission will issue a recount order to all presidential candidates.
  • Wednesday, commission staff will hold a teleconference in the morning for all county clerks and canvass members to outline the process and rules of a recount. Since a 24-hour public meeting notice is required for the recount, each county must post its notice by Wednesday.
  • Thursday, recount begins in every Wisconsin county.
  • Dec. 12, all county canvass boards must be completed by 8 p.m.
  • Dec. 13, Elections Commission staff will prepare the official recount canvass certification by 3 p.m.

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