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Eleodoro Estala, 32, Was Seen getting Intimate With a Fence..Oh, My

Eleodoro Estala was caught by a neighbor as he humped the fence between the two properties.  (He later was taken to the hospital for a rathert big splinter.  The doctor asked what happened and Estala told him, “It was hickory Dickery, Doc”)  I’m sorry,  I just couldn’t resist such a great straight line.  It could have been worse.

I could have said the hole in the board fence was better than the one he found in the barn that turned out to be an automatic milking machine that doesn’t stop til it gets 4 quarts.  He never saw that coming.

But seriously, a neighbor spied Estala urinating on the grass and when he saw the neighbor taking pictures, he whipped it out and took it out on the fence.  The neighbor continued to take pictures while man was business taking care of business.


From Breitbart:

A police report reveals that Eleodoro Estala, 32, was seen by a neighbor urinating on the grass but when he saw the neighbor taking video of him with her cell phone he took off his clothing and began thrusting himself into the fence that separates their properties, according to CBS 47.

The woman called the police and showed them photos and video of Estala’s actions. He was then arrested for exposure.

The neighbor also told police that Estala put his mouth over a fence post and stuck his tongue in and out through a hole in the fence.

A police report notes that the suspect appeared intoxicated. He also didn’t cooperate with officers.

Estala’s bail was set at $2,500.



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