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EPA Official Uses Racist and Homophobic Threats Against Energy Company

An EPA official told executives at Greka Oil & Gas Inc. (Currently named  HVI Cat Canyon Inc. (HVI-CC)) that he would send them to jail where they would be raped by a black man named Leroy.  This is what we’ve come to expect from “civil servants” under an ultra liberal president.



The whole mess is over oil spills by Greka.  The EPA has already been accused of destroying possibly exculpatory evidence and now this:

The racist and homophobic statements came to light in depositions of Andrew deVegvar, former president of Greka — now known as HVI Cat Canyon Inc. — and Rob Wise, the Environmental Protection Agency’s on-scene cleanup coordinator in a six-year-old civil action that could cost the company millions in fines.

Some of the spills date back to 2005.

Mr. deVegvar told a company attorney in a deposition that, in 2008, Mr. Wise “made comments about how he was going to put me and (Greka founder) Randeep (Grewal) in jail, and I would become intimate with Leroy,” according to a transcript. “He made comments about how — whether or not Randeep was ready to file bankruptcy and showed a certain glee in putting the company in bankruptcy and asked me to give him at least 48 hours’ notice before the filing.”

While being deposed, Mr. Wise didn’t deny trying to force the men to comply through use of racist and homophobic threats and stereotyping. Instead, he said repeatedly he didn’t recall making such statements.


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