• June 29, 2022

European Prime Minister: Deport All Immigrants to Deserted Island


Hungarian Prime Minister has come up with a plan for the immigration disaster that is Europe.  Europe’s liberal elitists such as Angela Merkel is so far removed from the will of the people that she and her party suffered humiliating defeats in the recent elections.  So much so that Merkel is pretending that she made a mistake in welcoming over 1 million refugees, many of whom were terrorists and sexual predators.  The same can be said of France, Sweden and Denmark.  Orban seems to be the only European leader to actually understand the problem and the will of his people.

Orban’s idea is to remove all the immigrants from the European countries and to send them to a deserted island or perhaps somewhere on the African continent.  Once there, they can be properly vetted.  Liberals can’t say the plan could never work since it’s the same system Australia has used, which has been rated as highly successful.  The problem is because of limited records, terrorists find it very easy to make their way into various European countries.  And not only that but cultural differences create trouble with these immigrants.

Denmark, Sweden and Germany has seen a sharp incline in sex crimes including rape thanks to the influx of Muslims who don’t believe they are doing anything wrong.  The women of those countries see it differently, especially in Germany, where officials have given women advice that includes limiting their movements around the cities they live in and instructions on what they should not wear to incite immigrant attention.

Orban is the only European leader to actually build a fence and used the country’s resources to keep the illegal immigrants out.

From The USHerald:

In addition to terror attacks resulting from the clash of cultures as seen in the mass public sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne and Hamburg on New Year’s Eve, jihadists have gained a foothold on the continent to launch attacks in Paris, Brussels and Germany.

Orbán will seek support from the Hungarian people as they go to the polls on October 2 to vote on a referendum on the EU migrant resettlement program.

Political ally, Zoltán Kovacs has stated that if the voters back Orbán, the EU can expect tougher laws from Hungary in the near future.


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