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Five Illegal Aliens Arrested in Execution Murder of Mother of Four

Jill Sundberg, 31, worked multiple jobs to pay for the trailer that she and her four kids lived in and to supply them with food and clothing.  Just before Christmas, she attended a neighborhood Christmas party in one of the few times she wasn’t working.  During the party, an illegal alien, Gustavo Tapia Rodriguez, 39, got angry and along with two other illegal aliens, abducted Sandberg and drove her to a nearby rest stop.


Rodriguez and the other two men, Ambrosio Mendez Villanueva, 25, and Julio Cesar Albarran Varona, 25 murdered her illegal alien style.  Varona held Sundberg’s hands behind her back and kicked the back of her kneecaps to force her onto her knees.  At the same time Rodriguez began pumping bullets into the back of her head,  In all, thirteen shots were fired but the number of hits has not yet been reported.


From IJR:

The men also left behind a note written in Spanish on a piece of cardboard; they used a knife to affix it to her back. The police department has not released the details of the note to the public.

Jones commented about it in an interview with KXLY:

“They they added one more salt to the wound, so to speak, and they put a note on her back and put a knife in her back […] I won’t say what the note said, but it sounds like it was a disrespectful thing and just absolutely gruesome.”

According to the police report, two other men came forward after Sundberg’s body was identified: Fernando Marcos Gutierrez, 33, and Salvador Espinoza Gomez, 24. They have been arrested as material witnesses and will also face immigration charges.

All five of the men are illegal immigrants.

Statistics provided by the Department of Justice show that 5 percent of U.S. prisoners are non-citizens. Jones told King 5 that while these crimes are rare, they are expensive to the taxpayer.

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