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Fox News Host Asks Dr. Carson If Biden Is Legitimate President, Here’s Carson’s Response

As we know, Dr. Ben Carson has been one of Donald Trump’s closest allies and also a loyal cabinet member and you can bet that isn’t about to change soon. In a recent interview with Neil Cavuto of Fox News, he asked Dr. Carson if he believed that Trump was “robbed” of the 2020 election.

Carson wasn’t stumped at all and retorted that the 2020 election is “certainly worthy of investigation”.

However, that wasn’t all that Carson had to say, and added, “what disturbs me is when people say you can’t even talk about that” and made a metaphor saying “it’s like you stole the cookies from the cookie jar and say nobody can talk about the cookie jar”.

Neil Cavuto then asked if Biden is the legitimate President of the United States and here was Carson’s response:

At the 1:15 mark, Cavuto asked  Carson “In your gut, is Joe Biden the legitimate President of the United States?”.

Carson responded by saying “it doesn’t matter what my gut says what matters is are we going to be open and fair in elections”.

Dr. Carson didn’t fold like McConnell, Graham, and other Republican RINOS in the Senate who recognize Biden as “President”.

MSN had more on the story:

“There were people telling us, you know, there are other kinds of things that work. Hydroxychloroquine. You know, you look at the Western African countries along the coast. When you go there, you know, you have to take hydroxychloroquine or other antimalarials. Interestingly enough, their instance of Covid-19 is tremendously less than ours. Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so.”(Carson)

Cavuto quickly refuted Carson’s claim on the drug — citing studies into its effectiveness.

“Medical experts have looked at that, doctor, as you know, and poo-pooed that connection,” Cavuto pushed back before trying to shift the focus back to the coronavirus vaccine.

The anchor, however, failed to deter the doctor, who later doubled down on his support of the drug.

“You just said a bunch of people have poo-pooed the hydroxychloroquine,” Carson objected. “But the evidence is there. What they haven’t done is investigated it. You know, and that’s part of the problem. And that’s why people don’t have confidence in our system.”

Carson continued to advocate for honesty, questioning if experts are “being truthful,” adding that giving people the right to choose is “what America is all about.” (But only sometimes).

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