• October 6, 2022

Germany Builds Refugee Housing Next to Radical Islamist Mosque


The German government built a home for refugees right next to a radical Islamist mosque that is currently under surveillance by German authorities for terrorist connections.  How could anyone think this is a good idea?

From Breitbart News:

Councillor Bernadette Dechant of the conservative Bavarian Christian Social Union is looking for answers after she was made aware of the home’s location.

“The fact that housing for refugee families is to be built, I think is good,” she said in an interview, “but not a few hundred metres from a mosque that is observed by the intelligence services!” Die Welt reports.

The problem for Councillor Dechant is the proximity of the Al-Rahman Mosque to the new housing.

The mosque is well known to police and intelligence services in the area as being a hotbed for Salafist preachers and Islamic extremism, so much so that the intelligence services have it under surveillance.

The regional Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, also of the CSU, confirmed the councillors fears and said, “it is true that the Al-Rahman Mosque is a platform for Salafist lectures,” and, “in the past, there have been several Salafist preachers there.”

More disturbing yet are other locations nearby in the town of Regensburg, which are Salafist in nature such as The Albanian-Islamic club, which is also close to the new accommodation, has shared videos of Salafist preacher Pierre Vogel (pictured above) on their Facebook page.  Vogel was the inspiration behind the stabbing of a German policeman by a 15 year old refugee girl.

Salafists have been trying to recruit refugees into radical Islamist factions ever since Germany put out the welcome mat for over 1 million Muslims.

Also from Breitbart:

“Many of the asylum seekers have a Sunni religious background. In Germany there is a Salafist scene that sees this as a breeding ground.”

The German Interior Ministry finally acknowledged the problem this week, saying that since September of last year between 20 to 60 attempts per month are made by Salafists to recruit migrants in asylum homes.

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