• April 20, 2024

Great Authors/Books Are Found In Unlikely Locations

You don’t always have to rely on Hollywood or New York for great writers, storylines, books or movies. Sometimes “fly-over country” can provide great and entertaining talent. As noted here, on CBS Local-St. Louis, there are some great authors who have written some great page turners for avid readers looking to find the next great novel. Whether you’re looking for guide books to the city or facsinating history you might find it there, in the Midwest.


St. Louis is home to many, many great authors of fiction and non-fictions works. Books to satisfy the mystery lover, political enthusiast, and even children’s books are born in the Midwest.


So, get a jump on your summer reading list or just pick something up for pleasure, but don’t rely on just the right or left coast for your reading/entertainment talent.



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