Guess how female White House fence jumper shoelaces fit into her hilarious capture

White House fence jumpers are like the uninvited person who insists that they need to be at the dinner table. According to the AP a woman decided that she must have an audience with President Trump and jumped the White House fence with an unexpected hilarious result. 38-year-old Marci Wahl of Everett, Washington scaled the fence only to be caught dangling in an unexpected way that may have had the Secret Service laughing.


It appears that the 38-year-old female fence jumper had not anticipated that her invasion of the White House grounds would be cut dramatically short by her shoelaces. Perhaps she should have added Velcro shoes to her to-do list of fences jumping ready-to-wear attire.

It seems that as she was going over the fence, her shoelaces were snagged at the top of the wall. There she was, a liberal struggling in mid-air, until Secret Service agents removed the fence scaler from her predicament. Perhaps the agents should have left her dangling a bit longer and even posted it on YouTube. In addition, the woman’s dangling from the fence would have made a hysterically funny mugshot as well.

Wahl has been charged with unlawful entry where she pleaded not guilty at a hearing in D.C. Superior Court hearing this week. She was the second person to try and gain illegal entrance to the White House grounds in March. Earlier, a 26-year-old man was snatched up by the Secret Service when he was apprehended near the south entrance leading to the executive residence.

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