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Guess Who Hosted The Russian Ambassador at Trump’s Speech to Congress

Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak has been the center of fake news recently as the democrats try to claim President Trump has ties to him.  This is backfiring badly as a growing list of democrats have met with Kislyak, including 30 democratic US Senators.  Included on the list are democrats who claimed they never met with the Russian ambassador as pictures of those meetings began to appear.


Kislyak attended Trump’s speech before the joint session of Congress.  He was the guest of the democrats.  Not Trump.  Not a Trump campaign worker.  Democrats.

Among those stung by the allegations of Russian ties:

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) claimed that she had never met Kislyak — until the internet came forward with a helpful history lesson.

But then BizPacReview reported that the embattled Russian Ambassador had, in fact, been present at Donald Trump’s February 28 address before a joint session of Congress.

And they noted that Kislyak, despite his alleged ties to so many within the Trump administration, seemed comfortable in his seat among the Democrats …

amb and dems


In spite of all that, Democrats continue to focus their attention on a brief, public exchange between then Senator Jeff Sessions and Kislyak at a speaking event held at the same time as the Republican National Convention, and a meeting in his office witnessed by two U.S. senior staff members — one of thirty meetings the former Senator held on Capitol Hill.

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