Have You Seen This Coin? If Not, You Probably Won’t

Officials at the Bode Museum opened to the public today missing one of their most expensive displays. It seems that over the weekend, thieves broke into the museum and made off with a single gold coin. But this was not just any gold coin. The missing piece is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the the purest gold coin in existence, at 999.99/1000ths gold.


In addition the coin is listed as weighing some 221 pounds, not exactly something you would carry around in your pocket change. Police say that the massive gold coin could be worth in excess of 4.1 million dollars and appears to have been stolen in the middle of the night by a team of thieves before officers could arrive at the scene.

berlin coin3

Police spokesperson, Stefen Petersen, told members of the press that the “daring, and apparently strong, thieves snuck in through a wind around three-thirty in the morning on Monday. Then broke into a cabinet holding the ‘Big Maple Leaf’ coin, and escaped.” Officer Petersen added that the thieves were very careful not to leave evidence behind saying that clues were very scarce, but a ladder turned up by a nearby train tracks.

berlin coin2

The coin was described by officials as being 1.18 inches thick and having a diameter of 20.9 inches. It has a face value of 1 million dollars, but experts say that in the current market, the amount of gold in the coin would be worth almost 4.5 million dollars at today’s prices. The one of a kind coin has a profile picture of Queen Elizabeth II on the front and Maple leaves on the other. The coin was minted in 2007 and has that date stamped on the front above Queen Elizabeth’s image.

berlin coin1

Authorities are asking that if anyone has any knowledge of this theft, to please contact the Berlin Police Department. They are hoping that someone has seen something even if it was just a vehicle leaving the area, or parked where it shouldn’t have been. They stress that time is an important factor here because it is likely that the thieves will melt the coin down and make several ingots out of it for easier disposal.

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