• June 13, 2024

Hillary Sold the Human Rights in the Congo for 100 Million


Hillary Clinton delayed a provision of the Dodd/Frank Bill that tied foreign aid to Human Rights as it applied to the Congo.  She did this to benefit a Swedish-Canadian company that has oil drilling and mining operations there.  You have heard of blood diamonds?  Well, the Lundin Group deals in blood minerals.  But she allowed the human rights violations to go on for a very good reason.  Actually 100 million good reasons.  That is the amount that the Lundin Group paid Hillary through the Clinton Foundation.  Of course 15% of that will go to charities while Bill, Hillary and Chelsea use the rest for expensive travel and payoffs to close friends.

The Lundin Group has a long history of making large up front bribes to get what they want.  In 1996 they traveled to France and spoke to the Congo dictator Mobutu Sese Seko and offered him 50 Million for the mineral rights in the Congo.  But the tide shifted in that country and the company claims they never gave him the money.  In 1997, the Lundin Group then approached the notorious Congo Marxist warlord Laurent Kabila and offered 250 million dollars to the rebel cause in exchange for the mineral rights.

In late 2007, the Lundin Group committed 100 million to the Clinton Foundation.  Her defenders point out that she was not the Secretary of State in 2007.  That is true, but she was considered a shoo in to become president by winning the 2008 election.  In 2009, Clinton put on hold the human rights mandate in the Congo, even as the Lundin Group was evicting entire Congo villages to make room for their mining operations.  The human rights certification was completed within a month of Hillary leaving the State Department.

John Prendergast, president of “Enough.org,” a nongovernmental organization which championed the “blood minerals” legislation said:

“At rare moments during the course of a war, a confluence of factors come together to provide a window of opportunity for real conflict transformation,” he wrote in 2010, a year after Clinton assumed office. “That missing conductor is the United States, and more specifically, its highest ranking official to travel to Congo and make it a priority: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

“At this pivotal moment, it is imperative that Secretary Clinton’s 14 month-old commitments to Congo are translated into concrete actions from the U.S. government.”

The Clintons have shown a fondness for mining companies.  The payoff money to the Clintons was laundered through the “Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative,” which is based in Canada, where reporting donations are not necessary.  Frank Giustra gave Bill Clinton 30 million dollars and Hillary gave State Department approval for his company to take over 40% of all of America’s uranium, which he turned around and sold to Russia, who supplies Iran with the bulk of their uranium.

In the last days of the Bill Clinton presidency, he pardoned fugitive Mark Rich who was wanted for prosecution, with a whopping 65 count indictment related to his mining company, Glencore International.  The pardon was announced after large contributions were made to the DNC, Hillary’s campaign and the Clinton Presidential Library by Rich’s wife Denise.

Besides horrid human rights violations in The Congo, Lundin Group has also been accused of rights violations in Sudan and Ethiopia.

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