HIV-Positive High School Cheerleading Coach Suspected Of Raping Transgender Teen

Elton “Trey” Rhoades, a 24-year-old cheerleading coach at Muskogee High School, was arrested at his Tulsa home Friday following allegations that he had “consensual” and unprotected sex with a 15-year-old transgender teen.


It’s said that Rhoades did not inform the teen that he was diagnosed HIV-positive in 2013. Apparently, the 15-year-old went to police the same day she\he tested positive for HIV. This one has the potential to get interesting, kids.

So there’s this group…Open Arms Youth Project…that gives LGBT youth a place to build a supportive community. A group with which Rhoades has been very involved (hosting parties and other events) and mostly known by the name Keaton Zane Paige in the transgendered community. This is how Rhoades, who holds pageant titles like Mr. Gay Arkansas and Mr. Gay Oklahoma City, apparently met the teen.

Court documents indicate that Rhoades initially denied having sex with the teen but changed his tune after hearing a recording between the two of them regarding their “physical intimacy.” He was arrested and is now facing three rape charges and three charges of exposing others to HIV.

“If you knowingly have it and then have sex with someone that is the crime itself,” said Corporal Eric Leverington with Tulsa Police.

Damien Castro claims to be “good friends” with Rhoades and opines that the root of this whole situation is revenge. According to Castro, the alleged victim was mentored by Rhoades, fell in love with Rhoades, is female transitioning to male (the only voice weighing in on whether the teen sees self as female vs. male), and hoped to pursue a homosexual relationship with Rhoades which, Castro says, Rhoades refused.
Actually, Castro has a bit more to say on the situation. “[Rhoades] takes what he does so seriously. This is his life and the repercussion of this could be devastating to him.”
Castro said he was in the residence the night the alleged rapes occurred, and he said what he observed was a group of friends being together and having a good time. “Everything happened in the living room,” he said. “Nothing took place anywhere else. We were all just sitting on the couch. There were ten of us here.”
Castro went on to report that text messages and social media interactions between Rhoades and the alleged victim were being compiled to get Rhoades bonded out of jail ASAP.

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