• April 19, 2024

Hobby Lobby’s Latest Move Scores Another One For Christianity! This Time In DC, Right Under Obama’s Nose!

It hasn’t been that long ago since Hobby Lobby won a major battle, in the Supreme Court, that seriously injured Obama’s signature healthcare law. By winning the right to opt out of healthcare certain mandates, Hobby Lobby set the stage for Christians to fight back against government overreach on a number of levels. Now the stage is set to be even a bigger burr under the Obama saddle, every day, and right under his nose, in the heart of DC.

In addition to the assaults on Christianity, written into Obamacare, and attacks on Christians from the homosexual lobby, which is very strong in left wing politics, many Americans are questioning Obama’s faith, and going as far as to claim he is not a Christian as he claimed during his campaigns, but really a Muslim. This latest move by Hobby Lobby will definitely irritate, if in fact, that is true.

GOPTheDailyDose reports: When the Green family, founders of U.S. retail chain Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., purchased their first biblical artifact in November 2009, they never expected to assemble in only a few years what is now one of the world’s largest private collections of rare biblical texts, objects, and artifacts.

Known as the Green Collection, the compilation of around 40,000 objects includes some of the rarest and most significant biblical texts and artifacts ever assembled under one roof.

Now they want to share that with all AMERICANS, building a Bible museum just in the heart of our nation.

The museum in Washington, D.C. will be housed in a 430,000-square-foot building just two blocks from the National Mall and three blocks from the nation’s Capitol, and it will open in the fall of 2017. It will provide guests with an immersive and personalized experience as they explore the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible


Museum of the Bible will be an unparalleled experience, using cutting-edge technology to bring the Bible to life. It will span time, space, and cultures, inviting everyone to engage with the Bible. With three permanent sections and space for temporary exhibits, there will always be something new to explore.

Here’s what you cans see in the completed museum.



They may have succeeded in taking prayer and Christianity out of public schools, but thanks to Hobby Lobby they haven’t eradicated the Bible out of DC.

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