House Votes To Gut and Repeal Obamacare

The House just voted, much to the dismay of Liberal members, to pass the bill most everyone had considered dead just 6 weeks ago. The new Bill guts the current ACA commonly known as Obamacare and was passed in a showdown on the chamber floor that saw Republicans finally rally to President Trump, a move that delivered a major victory to the new administration and allowed President Trump to keep yet another Campaign Promise.

The officials tally showed the final vote on the bill stood at 217-213 after moderates swallowed their concerns and acceded to Mr. Trump’s plea that they keep the repeal-and-replace process going. Announcement of the bills passage brought cheers and applause from the GOP members. But in true obstructionist fashion, Democrats, who voted unanimously against the repeal, broke into a rendition of “nah nah, hey, hey, goodbye.”


The new bill allows insurers to charge sicker Americans more than healthy ones, just as they have always done until Obama made doing so illegal. But states must set up a separate pool of funding for high-risk consumers. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan insisted this plan would be even better for people with preexisting conditions, because citizens have been suffering from skyrocketing costs and fewer and fewer choices under Obamacare.

This bill will make many Americans happy because it repeals most of Obamacare’s taxes and most importantly its mandate requiring Americans to hold insurance or face penalties and fines. It also replaces subsidies with refundable, age-based tax credits and caps spending on the Medicaid program. In addition, It strips Planned Parenthood of federal funding as punishment for its abortion practice.

But before you get too excited, Thursday’s vote is just the beginning of the repeal effort. The next step is to get it passed in the Senate were more arm twisting is going to be necessary to get the bill passed. Meanwhile, Democrats there are already promising a filibuster aimed at stopping the bill rather than doing what is best for the American citizen, not that anyone should be surprised by such behavior by the current crop of socialist liberals.

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