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How Does A Car Get Down The Stairs Of A City Subway?

No, really! This is not the setup to a joke. A car, really made its way down the stairs of a city subway on New Year’s Eve. Here’s how….

Unilad: New Year’s Eve celebrations can get pretty wild. You know how it is – you get steaming drunk, kiss a stranger, push a car down some subway steps. The usual.

In a scene which escalated ridiculously quickly, this gang of dickhead laughing teenagers actually shoved the vehicle down the stairwell in a Belgian underground station.

To call this behaviour idiotic and dangerous would be putting it mildly, to be honest.

The shocking incident was caught on film, and the video shows the moment the car came flying down the steps, flipped over and landed with a thud on the station floor.

According to the Mirror Online, the incident happened at around 8pm on New Year’s Eve at the Clemenceau metro station in Anderlecht, Brussels.

Given that the station was open to the public at the time, we’d say it’s a minor miracle that nobody was injured in the ridiculous stunt.

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