HOW? Liberal School Now Saying TREES ARE RACIST!

A high school in Portland, Oregon, has postponed changing its mascot to the evergreen tree after a committee member raised concerns over the possible racist connotations.

The Ida B. Wells-Barnett High School’s namesake is the Pulitzer Prize-winning African American journalist who extensively reported on lynchings. The school was formerly named after Woodrow Wilson before he became persona non grata to the Democrats.

Democrats have embraced semantics because their only other choice is to actually do something productive for Blacks and they refuse to do that. But they have to do something to convince Blacks that they do care without taking apart the nanny state. That is not something they are willing to do.

When it came time to decide on a motto, one suggestion was the evergreen tree because they are “are characterized by the life-giving force of their foliage, the strength of their massive trunk, and the depth of their roots—in an individual tree and as a forest of trees.”

Someone then sat long and hard and finally decided against any kind of tree because it reminds people about lynchings. Now that’s a bit of a stretch, huh?

According to Fox News report:

“I’m wondering if there was any concern with the imagery there, in using a tree … as our mascot?” DePass asked the renaming and mascot committee last week, according to the Portland Tribune. “I think everyone comes with blind spots and I think that might’ve been a really big blind spot.” 

Committee member Martin Osborne told the school board last week that the evergreen was meant to symbolize “a tree of life” more than “a tree of death,” and that it “nothing to do with the horrible history of lynching in the United States.”

School Principal Filip Hristic said Wells-Barnett’s family had been supportive of the school honoring her legacy, but no discussion was had with them about the mascot.

Someone got screwed over by evolution.

Sources: David Harris Jr., Fox News

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1 Comment

  1. glenn398

    April 14, 2021 at 4:16 PM

    Trees could be racist as they make paper products out of them and the schools print tests on that paper. Then they expect blacks to take tests on them and you know how that one turns out.

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