• December 5, 2021

Illegal Mexicans Get Violent at Trump Rally in Albuquerque

I have one simple question for the illegal aliens who waved Mexican flags and attacked the police, their cars and their horses with rocks bottles and cans.  If you are so f*^#ing proud of Mexico, why aren’t you there?   Protest outside some drug dealer’s compound and throw your rocks and bottles at them.  It’s no wonder they protest Trump because he plans to enforce immigration laws and many of them will find themselves on buses and planes heading back to the country they love.

They make the ludicrous claim that by enforcing immigration laws to save the vasts amount of money we spend paying for their housing, food, medical attention and education as well as preventing them from taking jobs of lawful American citizens is racist.  Do we fail to arrest and jail rapists and bank robbers if they are members of a minority class?  No, we don’t.  All criminals are or at least should be equal in the eyes of the law.  Should we be less conscientious about dealing with these violent thugs?


Liberals say that we cannot deport all the illegal aliens in the country, and they may be right, but the fact is we can deport huge numbers of them and we should do so as quickly as possible.  They have brought the violence from their country to ours.

Why Can’t Trump Deport the Illegal Aliens? Ike Did

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