IRG Commander Says He Has Army Of Terrorists In U.S.

After eight years of the Obama regime, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Commander Abbassi has admitted that his organization has numerous terrorist cells planted inside the United States. A statement that is not hard to believe when you realize that Obama’s closest adviser was Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian born, American National.

During his presidency, Obama relied heavily on advice from Jarrett, in fact, many thought he relied a little too much on her opinion. In addition to advice on security matters, Ms. Jarrett also was a driving force behind the so-called Iranian Nuclear Deal. Now, with the video posted this week which shows the Iranian Islamic Republic strategist, Hassan Abbassi, discussing the destructive potential of Iran’s hidden army within the US questions are once again surfacing about just what role Ms. Jarrett was playing.


Was she really a naturalized American who just wanted to help her president and provide valuable insight into Iranian affairs, or was she something else? Was she a modern day Mata Hari bent on the destruction of the country that took her in and educated her. We will probably never know in our lifetime, but one thing is for sure, she was in a perfect position to undermine the security of the United States.

Now the only question is did elements inside the Iranian government give approval for The Iranian Revolutionary Guards to send dedicated terrorists in the form of students and refugees to this country to await the command to rise up and destroy our infrastructure? According to this video they not only did, they also blessed the plan and even incorporated it into their plans to destroy the “Great Satan”


Here is the direct quote from the commander himself:

 I’ll be brief. We have two million Iranians there. Be certain that I will raise a guerrilla army from amongst them against you. You know this well. Look how vulnerable you were on 9-11 when four Arabs who don’t know how to fight managed to endanger your foundations.


This is one of the reasons that as soon as he took office, President Trump wanted a temporary ban on refugees from Iran. That of course was stopped cold by Democrats acting on orders of Obama to resist, reject and confront any action that President Trump takes that might make the country safer and more secure.

So remember, should there be an attack on our country’s infrastructure, there is only one place to put the blame, squarely at the feet of the Democrat Party and Barack H. Obama, the biggest threat to the American way of life in the last 248 years.



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