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Irish Mailman Caught Having Sex With a Mail Slot

A man inherited a home from his mother and was having it renovated.  One day while visiting the home, he saw a “puddle”.  He had CCTV installed to catch the vandal, who turned out to be the mailman.  David Camblin, 52, from Northern Ireland, was arrested for his act and was forced to pay $620 in compensatory damages and to serve 100 hours in community service, but not working on mail slots of the poor and needy.


It ended up filming Camblin driving up in a his mail van before getting out and walking up to the front door on August 9 last year.

He was then seen removing his penis from his trousers and placing it into the letterbox before appearing to pleasure himself.

Just days later, on August 12, a similar incident occurred with Camblin once again appearing to masturbate.

On that occasion, he noticed the camera and stopped.

Camblin, of Tandragee, County Armagh, admitted three counts of damaging a door and floor. 


The mailman was working in Northern Ireland when he ended up masturbating into a mailbox

The owner of the house originally asked for $6,709 in damages, claiming a new front door cost him $1,250.  Camblin admitted to masturbating through the slot but has denied urinating in it.  He resigned from his job last October.

Appearing at Fermanagh Magistrates Court in Northern Ireland, Camblin expressed ‘enormous shame and regret’ about what happened.

He said it was ‘spontaneous’ and did not offer further explanation.

The judge said it was ‘simply inexplicable’ why he would have behaved in such a ‘bizarre and distasteful fashion’.

The court heard that Camblin, who has been married for 17 years, had been under stress at work.

So, if you are ever a mailman in Ireland, don’t be a jerk or do one either.


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