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President Donald Trump’s Full Speech to Congress [VIDEO]

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump addresses a joint session of Congress and gave what is actually the first State of the Union message made by every president.  By all accounts, President Trump nailed it.  He even won praise fro former Obama official, Van Jones, MSNBC talking head Rachel Madcow and NeverTrumper Charles Krauthammer among many many others.


The lamestream media had spread propaganda that Trump was going to embrace comprehensive immigration reform. (Amnesty)  Never happened.  In fact, Im sure liberals in attendance were angry when the president said we would be moving to a merit based system like we had before Teddy Kennedy and the democrats thought it would be a good idea to import people looking for government handouts.

The president spoke out against anti-Semites and offered up support for programs to aid minorities and women.  He spoke of national pride and warned of the dangers posed by some immigrants and refugees.


Here in it’s entirety is President Trump in his first speech to congress and to the American people:

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