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Is California attempting Fed $billion dollar funding suicide if it becomes ‘sanctuary state’?

The state which has the largest number of criminal illegal immigrants has just thrown down a gauntlet in the face of Attorney General Jeff Sessions by having its state senate approve a ‘sanctuary state’ bill. According to Time, California will not assist federal immigration enforcement to detain violent undocumented immigrants who have not been convicted. Has the left coast declared war on the president and Attorney General Sessions’ effort to aggressively withhold federal grants from sanctuary cities?


Imagine the incredible chaos that a sanctuary state the size of California will create in having local law enforcement officials illegally ignore enforcement of federal immigration law. Of the estimated 10 million immigrants that live in the state, some estimates suggest that 25% of them may be undocumented. That means that at least 2.5 million illegal immigrants are hiding in plain sight and tens of thousands of criminal illegals will have the latitude to roam free throughout the state without fear of being arrested, incarcerated or deported.

The message is clear to all law-abiding citizens in California as well as to America. Respect for the law has been abandoned in that state and it creates an insupportable precedent that you can disobey any law you feel like because you have been given the stamp of approval from the state of California.

Democrat legislators in the senate voted expectedly in the majority 27 to 12 to back the bill, which will now be sent to the state Assembly for consideration. But, like most liberal blue state bills that show disdain for law and order, this measure will receive the seal of approval and land on the governor’s desk for his signature.

Interestingly, the bill’s sponsor blames President Trump for attempting to uphold federal immigration law as the impetus for the potentially illegal action. Sen. Kevin de León, the bill’s author stated,

The Senate voted 27 to 12 along party lines to pass the measure, which will next be considered by the state Assembly before possibly going to the governor’s desk. California “cannot be intimidated” by threats from Trump to deny sanctuary jurisdictions of federal funds, reported Time. He added, “This is about making our communities safer, not less safe … We don’t grovel and put our hand out so we can get a little money and buy a police car,” he said. “Our role and responsibility is to protect all individuals.”

Just what does this senator thinks actually makes his constituents’ safer? His obvious derision for enforcement of the law which would rid his communities of dangerous violent illegal immigrants should be one of his most important considerations. Instead, his political groveling is tied to liberal ideology that places law breaking violent illegal immigrant’s freedom from arrest over the safety and security of California’s citizens.

After all, parents and families that suffer assault, rape and even murder as Kate Steinle’s family experienced when she was shot dead in 2015 by an illegal immigrant, have no meaning or moral weight in their idealized liberal universe. But for law and order Attorney General Sessions who said in March that the Department of Justice would be withholding grants from sanctuary cities and attempt to “claw back” any past grants, he means business.

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