• May 26, 2022

Is Donald Trump a Feminist? Rudy Giuliani Weighs In, Shreds Hillary

Is Donald Trump a feminist or not? That question was put to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani after the first debate at Hofstra University. Here’s what Giuliani had to say on the topic:

America’s Mayor Was Asked if Trump Is A Feminist, Here’s How He Answered!

Giuliani says he’s known Trump for 28 years. He says women are paid the same as men in Trump organizations, the president of his (Trump’s) company is a woman, and Trump is the first person to put a woman in charge of a construction company in New York. He says Trump “treats people fairly” and is an “honest person.” He says the GOP presidential nominee was “too gentlemanly” and reserved to go after Clinton in the debate when Clinton attacked him for not being a feminist.

Giuliani goes on to shred Clinton over how she stood by her husband during the Monica Lewinsky affair and how Hillary treated Lewinsky. He has some choice words for Hillary at the end.

Let’s see… Benghazi. Private email server. “I did not send or receive any classified material.” The Clinton Foundation.  Serial philanderer enabler. Bimbo Patrol Team Captain. Lyin’ Queen. Career Corruptocrat.

If Hillary Clinton constitutes a “feminist” these days, I think I’ll pass. How ‘bout you?


H/T: Conservative Videos

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