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Is Glenn Beck Trying To Sink The Cruz Ship Or Is He Just Lost In Space?

Glenn Beck might have you believe he has been chosen by God to guide conservatives out of the bowels of socialism Hell. But he may just be an establishment media shill whose real aim is to sink Ted Cruz because his efforts seem to be in direct conflict with what he says he’s trying to do, by endorsing the senator from Texas.

Let’s start by illustrating his past exploits. Beck loves to put labels on people. It’s not a stretch to state that he considers himself a student of history. However, I would question how cognizant he is regarding the truth of all the history he claims to master and wonder in which realities he actually lives.

For example, he has singled out George Washington as a model to pull the Untied States out of its downward spiral into fascism, socialism, communism.

In 2011 he declarad that he didn’t get involved in political races, contribute or endorse candidates but he was sure that Rick Santorum was George Washington. Really?

Yeah, well no such declaration was made for Santorum in 2016. Just saying…. In fact, in 2016 Beck completely turned on the man he held in such high regard and practically calls him a progressive. It would seem that Beck’s insightful judge of character is a bit flawed. And Santorum slid from Washington to Winston Churchill on the Glenn Beck scale of historical role models. Maybe Beck’s just fickle and lines up behind whoever is the shiny object in the room at any given time. Click here for the video, too.

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According to Beck, Santorum’s line of attack aimed at Cruz, who is currently leading the polls in Iowa, won’t work because “this is not the way Americans see — conservatives see — Ted Cruz.” Beck went on to compare Santorum’s words to “everything we have heard from the left and the establishment on the right.”

But fear not! There is a new Washington on the horizon, and it is, … wait for it, … Mitt Romney? OMG! Yep, that’s who I’d pick. A mild mannered progressive, establishment Republican as the Father of Our Country role model. Yeah, um, maybe not…

And it may be even better because he, Romney, is being led by God. He never said that about Rick. So it’s got to be good, right? Are you noticing a pattern here?

Now in 2016 we are still without a George Washington, but Beck is on a roll. Ahhhhleeluuuyaaa! And while he is on a tangent against The Donald, he has latched on to Ted Cruz. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing, … for Ted.

Breitbart: In what he is billing as his “first ever presidential endorsement,” talk radio host Glenn Beck endorsed’s presidential campaign and declared that the Texas senator is the “next George Washington” who Beck has “prayed” to find.

“I have prayed for the next George Washington,” Beck said, “I believe I have found him.”

Oh yeah, by the way, Beck is now endorsing candidates. Unfortunately that hasn’t seemed to help Ted as much as Sarah Palin has helped Trump. 6% jumped from Cruz to Trump after the Palin endorsement. So it might be safe to say Palin has more public sway than Beck in presidential endorsements. That’s gotta sting.

This is a Reuters Poll taken on January 19.



In an effort to let George Washington live on to channel through yet another presidential hopeful, Beck went on a political hit job rant with 21 other establishment Republican faux conservative media shills to bash Trump, hoping to influence public opinion.

Sure, Trump’s potential primary victory would provide Hillary Clinton with the easiest imaginable path to the White House. But it’s far worse than that. If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, there will once again be no opposition to an ever-expanding government.        ~Glenn Beck

If you’re wondering if Beck has both feet in the real world, you’re not the only one. Not only is he preaching, literally, fluid conservative gospel, on George Washington, he’s also flip flopping on anyone who has ever been associated with Trump. He once said this about Trump’s campaign advisor, before she was his campaign advisor.

Breitbart: Talk radio host Glenn Beck wrote a blistering denunciation of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson, calling her “a hard core leftist.” However, two years ago Beck called Pierson a “fearless principled conservative” when she was running for Congress and enjoyed the support of Texas senator Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), whose presidential campaign Beck endorsed today in Iowa.

Beck posted the following to his Facebook page, which included a link to this article on Pierson.


St. Louis Tea Party cofounder Bill Hennessy posted the following to his website (emphasis in the original):

I agree with Ted Cruz.Senator Cruz said, “Katrina Pierson is an utterly fearless principled conservative.”That was just two years ago. Katrina Pierson was challenging Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) for Congress.


I also agree with Ted’s dad, Rafael Cruz, who said of Katrina, “She’s a strict constitutionalist. She’s a strong conservative and she wants to do what’s right.”

I also agree with Glenn Beck who introduced his radio audience to Katrina this way:

“Katrina Pierson is running against Congressman Pete Sessions here in Texas… To call Pete a massive disappointment is a massive understatement. And you should get to know Katrina. Ted Cruz, who doesn’t throw these things around lightly, called her an utterly fearless principled conservative, which I think is about the highest praise you could get from Ted Cruz.” (Source:

Today, a conservative blogger pieced together snippets of some of Katrina’s past statements–some of which apparently from a fake twitter account–to build a case that Katrina is actually a radical leftist.  In elections, even good people often lose their minds.

But Glenn Beck took to Facebook to pile on Katrina. Without bothering to check the validity or context of the piece, he labelled Pierson “dangerous.” And that’s a shame, because Glenn once had something to offer. Like when he gave Katrina a platform in her 2014 race against the “disappointing” Pete Sessions.

Don’t worry Katrina, he flopped on Santorum, too.

And if you weren’t convinced Beck is driving the Twinkie truck straight to the asylum, this might nudge a little closer to that revelation. Beck thinks Cruz will bring more immigrants, albeit atheist, marxist immigrants to America to ‘renew’ us. Yeah, he said it.

Breitbart: And you never know what somebody might do. There was a Marxist, a Marxist who didn’t really realize how Marxist he was that moved into the United States. A guy who fought in a revolution for Marxist principles. He was a little nuts, a little crazy at the time—almost lost his life in fact in the struggle. Came over here, he was an atheist. Didn’t believe in God. Now, who wants that guy here? Except that guy happens to be Rafael Cruz who fell in love with our principles, fell in love with our country, and raised a man who could be the next president of the United States.

Beck’s windingly long speech Saturday night lasted about 57 minutes, about 15 minutes longer than Cruz’s which lasted about 42 minutes.

And it would seem less than a week after he endorsed Cruz, he’s beginning to flip on him already. Here’s what may be the final nail in the coffin for the Beck/Cruz partnership. It would seem, Beck, in all his wit and wisdom, would rather vote for, NOT CRUZ, but self proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders, instead of Trump. Yeah, I don’t think he thinks about what he says before it leaves his mouth.


Allen West:Yesterday, we shared the news that television and radio personality Glenn Beck had endorsed Ted Cruz for president. Needless to say, many of the comments we received about this news were not kind to Glenn Beck.

Well, here we go again.

The Gateway Pundit reports regarding the Cruz endorsement, Beck said he had never endorsed a presidential candidate in his 40 years of broadcasting, but he made an exception because of the urgency of the moment…

…He said he even prefers Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” running in the Democratic presidential primary, to Trump.

“Honesty, faith and truth are basic requirements. And quite honestly, I have to tell you, this probably isn’t going to go over very well, that’s why I like Bernie Sanders,” he said. “Bernie Sanders is like, ‘Yep, I’m a socialist.’

“I can actually sit at a table with a man who says, ‘Yes, I’m a socialist, and yes, I don’t like what we are doing, we should be more like Denmark,’ ” he added.

Gateway Pundit points out Glenn Beck had a similar opinion of John McCain in 2009, saying at the time he would have been WORSE for America than Barack Obama. Yep, that’s definitely another head-scratcher too.

Would someone please tell Beck, he doesn’t have the same teflon qualities as The Donald.

Beck, you can’t spew what ever you want and have the public write it off. You don’t have the same appeal. It’s not working for you and it’s not working for Cruz. What are you doing? One would think you are trying to hurt the ‘only true conservative’ in the 2016 GOP POTUS primary instead of help him.

MESSAGE TO TED CRUZ! It’s time to move away from Glenn Beck! He’s not helping you!


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