Jeff Sessions: the Man Who Will Drain the Swamp

Donald Trump has been doing a great job with filling his cabinet with good men. They are, for the most, serious no-nonsense conservatives.


One of Trump’s first choices he made known was Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

When I heard this pick, I was impressed. America is a special country that strives toward an ideal  of a government of laws rather than mere mortal men.

The Obama administration, eight years of it, has turned our once great country upside down. Day one of the Trump administration will be the beginning of an era where the rule of law is restored throughout federal government. Protecting individual liberty must be remembered and the Constitution must be adhered to  with an institution of limited powers.

Democrats will never admit their feelings in the public arena but they are in fear of government rooted in law. What do they do? They brand Sessions a racist. That word seemed to work well for the past few years.

sessions-1Sessions was blocked from a nomination to a federal judgeship based on disputed claims of some insensitive comments made years ago. He then ran for the Senate and sits on the judiciary committee.

I think Session has long proven that he is not a racist. He has served 20 years in the Senate and racism would have exposed its ugly head quite a while ago if this were fact. No one can help it be revealed over that length of time when it exists. A resist would not have bucked members of his own party to reform radically discriminatory sentencing laws, which came down more heavily on blacks for crack than cocaine, which is more favored by whites.

The former U.S. Attorney and Alabama Attorney General can really stick his teeth into fixing the DOJ department and that has his opponents shaking in their boots. Under the Obama administration, the DOJ has not left a good taste in most people’s mouths. Sessions knows who works in the Senate and often they vote. He has them all figured out and he must be confirmed.

After complaints from black and white citizens, as U.S. Attorney, Sessions cooperated with local officials in Alabama to investigate fraud in 1982 and 1985. The case was so politicized by the left that in brought in Bill Clinton’s notorious associate Lani Guinier and Barack Obama’s friend and future Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick as defense attorneys.

With research done, there are almost two million dead people  and people who are 100 or 200 years old are registered to vote. Our voting registry needs a big over haul.

Then there are millions registered in more than one state and others no longer valid. An estimated more than a million non-citizens may have voted in this election. This mess must be cleaned up. Some third world countries have better systems than the one in play in the United States.

So we can assume that electoral integrity and immigration enforcement are at least two issues in need of urgent attention. The new attorney General will certainly have a full agenda on his plate.

Although, religious freedom is threatened by activists, bureaucrats, legislators and lawyers, our First Amendment is under Attack. Refugees come to America for religious freedom and then our freedom is threatened by activists. Tolerance has all but disappeared for our Christian Judeo values.

Political correctness is taking away our freedom of speech. The correctness has slid its way into American universities and the workplace. Our gun rights under the Second Amendment, were set to be washed away with the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. What about the IRS? They have been targeting groups for political reasons but have not been held accountable.

Jeff Sessions knows the swamp and he knows it must be drained or we will all be eaten by alligators. After eight years of our government running amok, Jeff Sessions will go alligator hunting. He will “drain the swamp” and it is dirty and full of slime. They better be afraid, very afraid.

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