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[PHOTO GALLERY] THIS Is What Happens When Bill Gates Is Your Secret Santa

Reddit facilitated its annual massive Secret Santa gift exchange, and one lucky woman got business magnate and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates as her “Santa.”


Gates is considered a very charitable person, and his gift-giving during Christmas exemplifies that persona — especially after Alicia, known as “Aerrix” on Reddit, received tons of thoughtful gifts from the tech entrepreneur.

“I’m a 30-year-old female who loves all things Internet and video games! I absolutely love the Legend of Zelda series and everything Mario, I just love Nintendo in general. I also LOVE The Little Mermaid, Harry Potter, League of Legends…video games!!,” Aerrix’s Reddit profile reads.

Alicia got uber-excited after opening the package, “I get the box open and there’s just bubble wrap EVERYWHERE, but under the first layer I see a picture…and my jaw. Just. Drops.”

“I….I’m just speechless,” she said on her Reddit post titled “I WON SECRET SANTA…BILL GATES WAS MY SANTA!”

Inside the box was a picture of Gates in front of a Christmas tree, donning a red sweater and a festive hat. Gates sent a note to verify that he was actually her Secret Santa, and to tell Alicia that he made a donation in her name to “” in order “to help give more students the chance to learn computer science.”

Gates made a “Harry Potter” reference in the letter, while also showing sympathy for Alicia since her Secret Santa partner last year didn’t send gifts like they were supposed to.

She also opened personalized gifts that said “Aerrix’s Mittens” and “Clairrix’s Mittens,” which is a sort of a portmanteau reference to her dog named Claire. The mittens, both for her and her canine, were “Legend of Zelda”-themed, as was an accompanying blanket with intricate designs.

Other gifts included a Cajun cookbook (her profile says she’s from Southern Louisiana), three of Gates’ favorite movies on Blu-Ray, three limited-edition Xbox One controllers, an Xbox One Minecraft Edition, NES Classic Edition, “Ravenclaw” (of “Harry Potter”) slippers, a paper sword replica from Legend of Zelda, and a couple of other highly-prized video games.

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