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Joe Biden Convinced Ukraine to Vote Against at the UN



Ukraine’s decision to vote in favor of the resolution appears to demonstrate the extent to which US President Barack Obama was behind the decision. According to officials in Israel, Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, a Jew who is thought of as one of Israel’s main supporters, wanted that his country not be involved in the consultations held on the resolution.

However, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko decided to vote in favor of its passage following a telephone conversation with US Vice President Joe Biden.

“The text of the resolution is balanced,” Kiev asserted. “It calls for taking measures necessary for peaceful solution from both Israeli and Palestinian sides: Israel should stop its settlement activities while Palestinian authorities – to take effective measures toward fighting against terrorism.”

Barack Obama, the Muslim and Chief of the United States back stabbed Israel last week by abstaining on a vote to condemn Israel.  That’s not the worst part.  Israel claims they have evidence that Barack Obama helped draft the resolution.  Then Vice President Joe Biden called Ukraine and convinced them to change their vote.  Expect them to get a goodie bag from Obama before Jan 20th.

Before gaining elective office, Obama hung around with Muslim terrorists and extremists such as Edward Said, Ali Abunimal and Rashid Khalidi.  But when he decided to run for office, he had to temporarily hide his extremist views because his opponent already had the establishment money and Obama needed the Jewish money from their PAC, AIPAC.  His pal Ali Abunimah described it as the day Obama learned to love Israel.  Once in the White House, Obama ripped off the mask and let his inner anti-Semite loose.

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