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VIDEO: Obama Stuck it to Israel

Israel thinks that peace will be pushed back with the new UN vote on Israel.


Israel believes that Obama deliberately abstained from the vote to stick it to Israel in the last part of his time as president of the United States.

“Israelis believe that finally we have a U.S. president who not only keeps his promises and is very smart but is also is someone who thinks outside of the box. (Trump) may have a better chance than any president in the last 40 years to bring both sides together.  If the Palestinians and the Arabs understand that he will not bend on (the settlement) thing, and if they don’t accept that, he’ll refuse to back down on things like moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

If they come to their senses, they will want to cut a deal before things like the embassy issue become irreversible. Then you might have a new reality in the region.” said Danny Ayalon former Israeli Ambassador to the United States.

This article/video is a follow-up to my articles on this subject: Obama Administration Secretly Worked with Palestinians – Crafted Shameful UN Resolution 

and VIDEO: Obama Sticks Knife in Israel’s and Bibi Netanyahu’s Back

This video says it all.

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