• July 3, 2022

Judge Napolitano: U.S. Intelligence Leaked DNC Emails to Wikileaks – NOT Russia

Judge Napolitano made it very clear that he believed that the US Intelligence community leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks.

Napolitano claims to have a source inside the intelligence community and he told Stuart Varney of FOX News that the US Intelligence leaked the DNC emails to Wilileaks and is was NOT the Russians.

I had a feeling that the NSA had something to do with this and sources tell me my intuitions were correct.

The NSA produced the same data to the CIA and the FBI. The FBI have said that there is no evidence that the Russians are behind this. It is known that that data was leaking and not hacking. There is a difference. ‘Leaking is the unauthorized exposure of something to a person to whom it wasn’t intended. Hacking is the altering of an operational system.’

The outcome of an election cannot be affected if Clinton and the DNC were hacked. You can only affect the outcome of an election if those who register voters or count the voters or votes are affected.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE that something to this effect was done by the Russians.

We do know that Hillary Clinton was extremely careless with use of state secrets, so, whose lives were in dire jeopardy by her carelessness? It seems that it was more likely that members of the American intelligence agency leaked the data to Julian Assange than it is that the Russians did. On top of all this, the suggestion comes from members of the intelligence community.

Judge Napolitano made similar comments way back in August. He said he received the information from a source in the NSA.

It is said that a high ranking NSA official, who developed a software that the NSA now uses, said that the NSA hacked the DNC.

Just as I never wanted Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States, it seems that the members of the intelligence community did not want her to be president either.

It seems to me that that someone got all this right.

Via Varney and Co.:

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