• September 26, 2022

Judicial Watch Asks Judge to Force Hillary to Give Deposition


It depends on your definition of the word corrupt is

Judicial Watch (JW) , a government watchdog group, led by Tom Fitton, who have had more success than congress exposing corruption within the Obama caliphate has asked the judge to force Hillary Clinton to give a deposition to them on her State Department emails.  JW made the request to  Judge Royce C. Lamberth, who has already given JW the right to depose all of Hillary’s top aides from the State Department.  Judge Lamberth has said twice in the past that he may order Hillary to offer herself up for a deposition.

JW is able to make the request because the State Department and Hillary have angered him by trying to play him for a fool.  He gave JW the right of discovery, which is unheard of in a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) lawsuit.  That order forces the State Department to turn over all the evidence they have been withholding under penalty of sanctions.  Worse yet for them is that Judge Lamberth has already laid a major sanction on them and has threatened more.

If their petition is granted, and there is no reason to believe it won’t be, Hillary could be in a lot of trouble.  She would be placed under oath for the deposition.  Therefore, if she lies, she could face five years in prison and she won’t know exactly what Judicial Watch knows and can prove.  Besides, Hillary going two hours without lying would be a record.

Hillary Clinton claims that she set up the private server for convenience, but considering all the money and work put into it, convenient it ain’t.  Clinton did not want a paper trail of her corruption.  Already, dozens of incidents in which she used her position to benefit donors to the Clinton Foundation and to benefit friends are a matter of public record.

The FBI is finishing up two investigations into Hillary.  One for her illegal email system and one for political corruption.  It is expected that the FBI will refer their investigation to the Injustice Department for prosecution.

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