JUST IN: Mom Arrested in Public Park for Kids Playdate

A woman was arrested today in Meridian Idaho for trespassing in a public park.


Sarah Walton Brady was in a public park with several dozen parents allowing their children to play and enjoy the sunshine when police officers arrived and demanded the people leave the public playground due to the Covid-19 quarantine orders from Gov. Brad Little.

The officer involved misquoted the Constitution and questioned anyone’s right to gather. He apparently has never heard of the First Amendment and the people’s right to Assemble.

The woman was handcuffed while her children were left alone. The police were not concerned and did not ask who would be watching her children.

This arrest has come on the heels of a woman being served a citation for holding a yard sale in Rathdrum, Idaho.

A rally was held in Rathdrum yesterday to support Christa Thompson. The event was staged at the Rathdrum Police Department, and the police officers kept their building locked, though it appeared as if they were inside watching the protest rally.

Governor Brad Little has extended his stay-at-home orders through April 30th.

Citizens are frustrated and beginning to speak out. Rallies have been held for several days in Idaho, with over 1,300 people protesting on the Capital steps in Boise on Friday, April 17th.

In North Idaho, a companion rally hosted several hundred people on Friday, as well as another couple of hundred on Sunday. These were in addition to the Rathdrum rally.

A rally was organized quickly and the people will hold an “Operation Gridlock” rally in front of the Meridian police department tonight.

Meridian City Hall Protest of Sara Brady Arrest! Arresting Sara Brady for simply playing with her kids in a park is outrageous. The Meridian Mayor should be ashamed of this garbage.

In the following video, a second officer states that this event has nothing to do with the Constitution. “The Constitution doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to cities.”

Mother, Sara, gets arrested at the local playground.

Posted by Ashley Everly on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

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