WATCH: Bill Maher Gets Schooled By Dan Crenshaw In Interview About Trump and Coronavirus

Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw was a guest on Bill Maher’s show last weekend to speak about coronavirus.


Bill Maher is claiming that “this did not have to happen.” He said Trump didn’t believe his advisors and blew off people like Azar and Navarro when they tried to tell him about the pending coronavirus.

This is where Bill Maher messes up. Dan Crenshaw stops Bill Maher in his tracks when he tries to push the narrative that Trump waited too long to shut the country down.

Bill Maher: “He was warned. This did not have to happen. Alex Azar, his health and human services guy; January 18, he warned him about this, and again on January 30th, Trump said he was being an alarmist. Peter Navarro, somebody else who talks to Trump a lot, told him directly January 29th, you’ve gotta get ahead of this.”

Dan Crenshaw: “Two days later he implemented a restrictive travel ban from China which he was widely criticized for. One that same day, January 31st, Nancy Pelosi proposed the No Ban Act, which would be a congressional limitation on what President Trump is actually able to do with that travel restriction.”

The look on Bill Maher’s face when he realizes that he is punching well above his weight class is priceless.

Bill Maher tries to say that Trump is lying about implementing the travel ban and stopping people from coming to America from China. Crenshaw interrupts him to school Maher once again on the facts.

Bill Maher: “He said he stopped people coming in from China. He did not. He said he was ahead of it. 43 countries did it before we did. There are still people coming in from China.”

Dan Crenshaw: “The reality is that about 40,000 people came in after that. These were U.S. citizens and green card holders and passport holders being re-patriated. U.S. citizens. So, you have to make the argument then that we shouldn’t allow them in. It sounds to me like you are fully agreeing with President Trump on this when everybody else disagreed with him.”


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