• October 4, 2023

Just Incase You Missed It…

… because, yeah, I know, it’s the day after Christmas, or because you are too young to remember the great communicator, please listen to this message by Ronald Reagan, who gave this holiday message, to the nation, in 1981. Please think about the depth and scope of an America that would accept and appreciate a well wishing from the Christian perspective, by an elected president, and all that means to structuring a culture of “true” peace. Please think about this reality that did once exist in America, and that it can exist again, … if you want it to.

And, please look at the contrast of what we have today, in terms of elected representation, not only in the White House but in congress, our own state houses and local municipalities, and consider one thing. Please think about how dangerous apathy and lack of engagement is to maintaining a culture of freedom and liberty. Think about the history and behaviors of a society has led us to this precarious place, just since 1981.

You can have it again. You can have a “Christian” nation, with Christian values, of “true” peace, and common sense that rules instead of political correctness and socialist indoctrination, simply because the people demand it. You merely need to engage, just a little, and just say NO to what you’re being spoon fed from leftists and establishment Republicans. The power has always been yours. It’s up to you to NOT lose it. Happy New Year!


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