• May 24, 2024

Kaine Says, “White’s Need To Become Minority Because Of Guilt” 

Is this not predictable coming from the democrats? The Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine gave a speech to Black Americans in a church no less, and he panders like this. Is there no depth to their disrespect for Black America? For years democrats have been telling black America whatever they like hearing for votes, and look what they have gotten in return. Generations lost, disillusionment , poverty, gun violence , government dependence, no future, cities burning down by their own hands. Yet they continue to listen to rhetoric like this and cast their votes for the same scraps.

According to RedFlag News:

“I’ve never been treated badly in life because of my skin color or my gender,” Kaine told a group of black Baptists in New Orleans. “I think the burden is on those of us who are in the majority — Caucasians. We have to put ourselves in a place where we are the minority.”

I wonder if the Democratic National Committee sit in a back room and believe this, or are they laughing, knowing they have manipulated their number one minority block for their own gain. It is very disheartening watching this happen, but they have it down to a science. This is why this election is so important. If blacks think it is hard now, wait until a Hillary presidency ushers in another financial collapse. Then they will only have themselves to blame. What do you think?

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