• July 19, 2024

Keith Ellison Caught In Yet Another Lie [VIDEO]

Keith Ellison is the leading candidate to replace Debbie The Liar Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chairman. Ellison, a Muslim, was associated with Louis Farrakhan, converted to Sunni Islam and started showing up in Saudi Arabia meeting with a radical cleric and other bank leaders who pay the suicide bomber’s families who kill Israelis and even target U.S. troops. He is very aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood in America. He has even been investigated by Congress for these things.

By all accounts Keith Ellison is someone the FBI should have on a list of Muslims to be watched, and yet the Democrats are about to elect him as the head of their party.

I believe it’s a gamble the failing Democratic Party is taking, in that they believe that Muslims will be the next large group of people they can exploit for votes, and so at a time when radical jihad is on the march across the globe and Americans are pushing to eradicate terrorism, the Democrats are going the opposite way.

Even if Ellison doesn’t get the DNC Chair position, he is a rising star in his party and that should concern everyone.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

Muslim Keith Ellison Caught In Another Lie

DNC Chair candidate Kieth Ellison was caught lying again regarding his stances on the second amendment.

Partial Transcript

Bash: Congressman, gun control. In 2014 you told Bill Maher that you wished the Democratic Party would come out against the Second Amendment. How do you reach out to Americans who support gun rights when you don’t support the Second Amendment?

Ellison: First of all, let me tell you, I remember that show very well and that is not what I said, at all. What I talked about is my grandfather’s shotgun, the fact I am a turkey hunter, and I didn’t say that. That was not an accurate statement

Decide for yourself if Keith Ellison is a liar…


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