• August 11, 2022

War Looms, Little Kim Threatens Strikes On Asia Pacific and South Korea

The psychotic fat little dictator of North Korea said today that he will strike US military bases in Japan and South Korea, as well as the South Korean president’s residence should America engage in any aggression against him. The statement was echoed by the North Korean General Staff according to state news agency KCNA. The North’s military leaders promised to ruthlessly ravage the US if the American aircraft carrier group that is currently on its way to the region takes aggressive action. The statement from the military said: Our toughest counteraction against the US and its vassal forces will be taken in such a merciless manner as not to allow the aggressors to survive.

The statement went on to say: The Trump administration, which made a surprise guided cruise-missile strike on Syria on April 6, has entered the path of open threat and blackmail.In addition, the General Staff’s statement noted that, American military bases in the Pacific, Guam, the island of Okinawa, which hosts the bulk of US troops in Japan, as well as the US mainland, are all within reach of North Korea’s strategic missiles.


On Friday, China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, who is still pushing for a peaceful solution to the current crisis, warned that tensions between the US and North Korea had escalated to such a point that a military conflict may start at any moment. Lately, tensions have risen. If a war occurs, the result is a situation in which everybody loses and there can be no winner.”

South Korea has issued a warning telling North Korea not to engage in any “provocation.” Any actions, like a nuclear bomb or missile test to mark the ‘Day of the Sun’, the 105th anniversary of the birth of North Korea’s state founder Kim Il Sung, which is celebrated April 15th could spark action by the U.S. Experts say such action is likely since Kim invited 200 foreign journalists from various media outlets for a big and important event.”

Meanwhile, two American destroyers armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles have taken positions about 200 miles from North Korea’s nuclear test site. It is rumored that in view of the constant flood of threats to attack the U.S. A preemptive strike is under consideration if it becomes evident that a nuclear detonation by the North is imminent.

President Trump has said North Korea is a problem that will be taken care of,” while asking China to “work very hard” to help Washington solve it peacefully. But President Trump wrote if Beijing fails to act, the Americans and their allies will deal with Pyongyang on their own.

In what may be a sign of how close to war we are, Air China, China’s national airline, has denied that it has suspended all flights to North Korea’s capital saying: “Air China hasn’t stopped operations on the Beijing-Pyongyang route, but temporarily canceled some flights based on ticket sales.

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